SPB Shell 3D 1.5.2 (v1.5.2) APK Cracked Download For Android

Download SPB Shell 3D v1.5.2 APK For Your Android

SPB Shell 3D is an app which make your home screen stunning. You just won’t ┬ábelieve how impressive and attractive it make your screen practically. To see this we will recommend you downloading this app.

Here we have an updated version of SPB Shell 3D Launcher for Android. The developers team made a lot of improvements in the previous version including stability, performance and some data base issues as well. Now they are showing that they are working hard to make their product better and better day by day.

Previous version of SPB Shell 3D was slow and crashed more frequently compared to this version. This is because with every update code is optimized to give better performance. At moment there SPB Shell 3D Launcher is the best without any competition but in near future they will have a competitor from ROU Team and that is ROU Launcher. ROU Launcher is expected to share customers of SPB Shell in near future.

Any One Of These Methods(No Root Users):

  • Freeze Market Using Titanium Backup Pro before Downloading
  • Block Market from connecting to the internet by using DroidWall
  • You can install it in aeroplane mode at anytime but make sure that everyting when you boot your phone it is not connected to internet using wifi or data network.

Download Link:



How To Install .APK File On Android Devices

An Updated New Version (v1.5.3) is now available. Below is the link to SPB Shell 3D  v1.5.3


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