[How To] Install .APK File Games and Applications on Android

Install .APK File Games and Applications on Android Devices

.APK File are specific extension compatible with Android Device and can only be opened and installed on Android based device.


Install .APK File On Android Device Using SD Card

Here is how i used to install .APK File on my device after downloading it into my computer and then using the SD Card.

First of all download the .APK file into your computer. I will recommend downloading it to Desktop or/if any other location which in your easy access.

Now transfer that file to your SD Card using data cable and connecting the phone or using Card reader or any other mean to connect the card directly. Place the file in your easy access, so that you can reach it easily.

After that disconnect the device or/if you are using a card reader disconnect it and insert the card back into the Android device.

Now open the file on your Android device using the file explorer(many file explorers are available in the market), as soon as you open the file it will prompt you for the installation to begin. Install that file and its done. Now you can enjoy that game or app.

Install .APK File Directly On Android Device

You can also download .APK File directly on your android device, but for this you need to have a WiFi or Data Connection. I will recommend having an active WiFi connection. If you are using a network data connection then make sure you have enough data allowance remaining or enough credit in your account.

This way of installing .APK File on your Android Device is easy and saves time as well.

Now open the site from which you want to download the file using the mirror link. Now click on the mirror link and give the permission to install the file (After reading the permission carefully)

This is easiest way if mirror link and high speed Wifi connection is available.

Install .APK File On Android Device Using Drop Box

DropBox accounts are the well know accounts for uploading and sync your computer files and online account. Same folder can be sync with your device as well. This is one of the easiest way to install .APK file on your Android device.

Get one DropBox Account, Sync with your computer and put .APK Files in the folder created (on your computer) for DropBox Files. Also Install DropBox application on your device and log into the account.

Now Open the .APK Files, read the permission and then install the file. DONE



Choose one of the possible ways that suits you to install the .APK File on your Android device. The basic process id that you open the .APK on your device, read the permission and Install the app.

If you have any questions, Please leave a comment and i will get back to you with an answer.

10 Responses to “[How To] Install .APK File Games and Applications on Android”

  1. Vimalvinnoli says:

    Sometimes it downloads for me but then when I open, it crashes!(force close)
    P.S. I knew how 2 download but I had this doubt.And I hav sgs2!

  2. auroht says:

    Where is the crack? Have you worked in the .apk file so it is already cracked or is it the original file only?

  3. Skmusthaq says:

    i installed on my S-2 device, after it download 99 % it gives me integrity check fail” What is that mean. Is this cracked version or trail version? Please help me out to do proper installation.

  4. jacopo says:

    also you can use AirDroid very simple and fast

  5. pablo says:

    this is not cracked

  6. sushrita sharma says:

    I cant find the “TitaniumBackup_license.txt”….without it i m unable to crack the pro version of the TitaniumBackup file…:/

  7. Alaiz says:

    Hii my name is alaiz I am downloading in my Samsung galaxy tad 2 trainzsimulator simulator apk file the game is download and load all data but it not open and run why pls give me a answer

  8. jayo says:

    titanium pro is the ONLY app one should pay for… best 6 bucks I’ve spent… lucky patch the rest..

  9. meng says:

    every apk i download it says i have not purchased it from the app store???

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